The Top 5 best looks at Red Ball Runway

February 05, 2014

Yesterday somebody posted on our FB wall a review that was missing to our file. A nice surprise to discover that 303 Magazine have selected JOJ in the first 5 best picks of almost 130 runway looks. Thank you to all who believe in our passion! Continue Reading →

Thoughts of quality

December 10, 2013

I always think that it's better to buy less and buy a better quality. There are some pieces we love that become integral part of our wardrobe. We love to mix and match,  and we cannot think for a moment not to pack them in our suitcase! Sometimes they were the most expensive items we have bought, sometimes only an emotional purchase which reminds us why and when, sometimes nothing really of it...just the pleasure of having something we enjoy wearing. One of the common features that all those clothes must have is the QUALITY and even if they will be not with us forever, these treasures are preciously stored in our closet, while we are struggling to lose weight.... Continue Reading →



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